Where Do You Get Your Protein On a Vegan Diet?

I had quite a few people asking me if I could film a video on where I get my protein and how I respond to the common question of, "Where do you get your protein?". I can remember back to around 5 years ago, before I was a plant based when I used to be the one asking others where they got their protein from. I have since come to my senses and found that a whole food plant based vegan diet is not only able to supply enough protein (really every macronutrient needed) but exactly the correct amount nature intended in whole plant foods. I can also remember back to when I used to ask the question and now see the craziness of it. I was a 250 pound male who was close to 100 pounds overweight and had a BMI well into the obese range, asking a trim and what would seem to be a perfectly healthy vegan if they were having trouble with their health (I'm sure I wasn't the only one). But like most American's at the time I could't see my own sickness and seemed to be only worried about others imaginary deficiencies that I used to believe were caused by a vegan diet. In the video I dig into some common questions that non-vegans and vegans alike seem to be constantly asking. "Do I need to combine my plant based foods in order to have a full amino acid profile and in turn complete proteins in my diet?" "Can I become protein deficient on a vegan diet if I am eating enough calories?" "Will I lose muscle on a vegan diet?" "Where do I get my protein" "Should I worry about adding in protein rich foods into my diet?" I answer these questions and a few more in todays video.

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