Vegan Garden - Winter Update

It has been a few months since my last garden update and with the warm spell that we have been going through, I thought it was the perfect time to get the camera out to the garden and let everyone see how my Fall crops have been doing. Right now the three main crops planted out and growing are collard greens, curly kale and lettuce. I have quite a few types of lettuce growing but they are all around the same size. For the most part the plants are looking really good, the collard greens looking almost flawless.

The kale is a bit small but I am attributing that to the fact that I planted them way to early in the Fall which led to them having a very harsh growing period. And the lettuce is something I did not get out planted until very late in the Fall (mid November), so my hope is that it will really take off when we begin to hit some warmer temperatures in early Spring. In this video I give an in depth view of the crops and we discuss some of my potential plant choices for this upcoming growing season.


- Plant Based Gabriel

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