Tropical Island Overnight Oats (Vegan, WFPB)

As most of you know, oatmeal is one of my favorite choices when it comes to breakfast. And I love getting creative with my oatmeal, sometimes I give them a pumpkin pie twist or even make them my own blueberry cobbler twist. And when it comes to making oatmeal it can really be done in a number of ways, I have many recipes of how I like to make my InstantPot oatmeals and thought it was time to get one of my overnight oat recipes out for the world to try. This tropical island overnight oatmeal recipe utilizes my tropical island smoothie recipe as the base of flavoring and moisture. I find that have the fruit blended up really helps infuse the flavors into the rolled oats while they soak overnight. I find that this recipe and the smoothie gives more than enough sweetness, but you are more than welcome to add in some of your favorite plant based sweetener if you feel inclined to do so. I decided to upload this recipe now as the days grow shorter and the weather starts to cool down, because there is nothing like a tropical inspired breakfast to prepare you for a long upcoming Winter!

Here's what you will need!


  1. Mix the smoothie and rolled oats together

  2. Place in a refrigerator safe container

  3. Store in the refrigerator overnight


- Plant Based Gabriel

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