The Best No Kill Compassionate Mouse Trap!!!

As we have moved into our new house and gotten all settled in, it seems like another family may have thought with the weather cooling down a bit that coming inside might also be a good idea. That family is of course a mouse family that found our pantry last week. This is really the first time in my adult life that I have had to deal with catching or trapping mice and I knew that I did not want to use the common snap traps or glue pads that I find extremely cruel.

So I began researching and testing various no kill mouse traps and believe that I have found the best compassionate mouse trap on the market! There are a lot of no kill mouse trap options, but I found that most of them were made of plastic and after catching 3-4 mice, eventually one would chew through an integral part and leave the trap useless. And that is why I love this Havahart 1020, it is made of all metal parts and will not be destroyed while a mouse is waiting to be relocated. Speaking of relocation, I find that this trap is really easy to move a mouse in and is really easy to open up and release a mouse into a distant field a few miles from where they have been caught. I have found that this trap is the most effective in catching and places the least amount of stress on the mice while they are waiting to be relocated. If you have tried other compassionate traps or give this one a try, let me know what you think!

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