I Lost 100 Pounds With These Vegan Foods

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

I have received quite a few questions about what foods I ate when I was losing 100 pounds. So I thought I would go over what I normally purchase when I go to the grocery store. These are foods that allowed me to lose 100 pounds, and they are the same foods that I still eat that allow me keep the weight off.

One of the best parts about my grocery list is that these are all relatively cheap foods to purchase. So not only will you lose weight by eating these delicious plant based foods, but you will save some money too! I hope this video is helpful if you are wanting to go vegan or you already are, and you are wanting to lose weight.

The low fat peanut butter that I make every morning: https://www.plantbasedgabriel.com/recipes-1/low-fat-peanut-butter-vegan-oil-free


- Plant Based Gabriel

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