How To Find Pawpaw, North America's Tropical Fruit

When we first moved to Virginia one of the first things that I was excited to hear about was the potential for finding Pawpaw fruit during the Fall. Growing up in Indiana I had heard all about this mysterious fruit, but I never had the opportunity to try one. It seemed like the Pawpaw would be a fruit of the past that my grandfathers generation would be the last to enjoy.

But when I was on a hike early this summer in Richmond, VA I stumbled upon what I thought was a Pawpaw tree. And sure enough the next time I was hiking around a month later the tree had set fruit. I then discovered an entire patch of Pawpaw that I kept watch over all Summer and into Fall, so that when they began ripening I would be ready. With the knowledge I have gained these past few months I wanted to share some tips and tricks to finding and harvesting Pawpaw. I find the Pawpaw to have the flesh of a non-fibrous mango and the flavor of a banana x mango x pineapple x peach. It is truly my favorite fruit and I am looking forward to posting some recipes that I will be making with the Pawpaws I have harvested.

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