How I Started Gardening

I have been asked by quite a few individuals on how I started my journey into gardening and now farming on my one acre vegan farm. When I first got started my wife and I were renting out a small home directly in the center of the city with no yard. And so after we decided that we wanted to be able to grow some produce, we got creative and began experimenting with using recycled five gallon food grade buckets from a local bakery. After a few years of using the buckets I gained a lot of knowledge on growing practices especially in an urban setting. Now that we our on our one acre vegan farm I am learning and growing with new practices while still using a lot of the knowledge I gained those years with my bucket garden. Here is the link to my bucket garden playlist form YouTube if you are in learning more. And here is a link to more videos on the beginnings of our one acre vegan farm.

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