Finally Planting on Our Farm!

This post is coming to you in the beginning of October, but this video was filmed a few months ago in August. At the time I was tired of sitting around and waiting for the ground to be ready under the tarps, so I pulled the tarps and planted the first seeds and seedlings to touch the ground on our 1 acre vegan farm.

The ground had been prepped and made ready for the plantings a few weeks previously, and you can watch those videos here or on YouTube here. I can say now a few months in the future that the crops did great. We harvested a ton of lettuce and salad greens for our personal use, and I was able to feature a lot of our produce in quite a few of my recipe videos. I hope these videos of the farm are entertaining and some what educational. I really hope to use our 1 acre vegan farm to become an example for many more vegan farmers in the future!


- Plant Based Gabriel

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